The Yog is your online magazine about yoga, ayurveda, healthy food, spiritual travelling and urban living in berlin and elsewhere.

Nowadays, yoga information often resemble articles from the glossies. Media featuring yoga rock stars in incredible poses build a mainstream yoga discourse that moves in the opposite direction of the original yogic path: an outward movement, rather than the road within.

The Yog humbly aims at challenging this yoga discourse to re-integrate it within its philosophical roots. Yoga is “ashtanga”, 8-fold in nature. Asana (physical exercise) is only one of the 8 limbs of yoga. We must not forget that the goal of yoga is unity with the supreme self, not looking hot in your new yoga pants.

We are not primarily interested in new trends and fashions in the yoga world and try to resist the daily flood of spiritual materialistic news. Rather, we hope to provide „slow journalism“ and a selection of quality articles to our readers, so that they have more time for what really counts: time on the mat and the meditation cushion.

The Yog is meant to be a form of Seva, that is, to be of service and to give back to the community. To make it as easy as possible to live a yogic lifestyle in the urban metropolis and while travelling. To contextualise yoga and illuminate cultural and societal phenomena from a yogic perspective.

The Yog aims at spreading the word about good karma projects, giving a voice to those that are often ignored, and to connect yogis in Berlin and all over the world.

Photo Credit: Beni Ishaque Luthor via Compfight cc

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