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mountain poem

I Want To be A Mountain

I want to be a mountain for you. I’ll stand there until the end of time. Whatever happens, I’ll face it quietly. Without fear. Whatever comes, I’ll stand tall. I won’t move. I won’t blink an eye. I’ll just stand there gracefully and breathe eternity. Photo Credit: Ales Krivec via Unsplash

Happy New Year to you all!

I can’t express how grateful I am that The Yog came into existence 2014 and keeps growing and makes me grow and learn. This would not have been possible without all of you, you wonderful lovely beings! The Yog is very dear to my heart, it’s my way of expressing the things I truly believe […]

New Year's Eve 2014/15

5 Conscious Last Minute Activities For New Year’s Eve

So, you didn’t book that fancy Bali retreat? And now you don’t have a plan for „The Night Of The Nights“ –  and that’s beginning to scare you? Worry not. There is hope! You can still chose between two things: A) go to a party or B) stay at home. Haha, pretty obvious, right? Let’s explore the first option […]


What is Desire and How to Deal with it

I’ve been thinking a lot about desire as a major problem of the mind lately. I took the liberty to wildly mix some theories from yoga and spiritual discourse with post-structuralist philosophy. The following becomes a bit theoretical in the end but it’s eventually very practical to be clear about what it is the mind […]

Interview: Morning Gloryville

I already hinted at this in my conscious clubbing post from september. Now it is finally going to happen. What? Berlin’s first breakfast rave! A rave… in the morning, right! After having launched in 13 different cities such as London, Sydney, Tokyo, New York, Bangalore and Amsterdam, this week’s wednesday morning the legendary Morning Gloryville will […]

Lisa Park

Lisa Park: Artist Uses EEG to make Emotions Visible

I just came across an article about Lisa Park’s work „Eunoia II“ and I think it’s incredible! The New York-based South-Korean artist uses an Emotiv EEG headset that measures her brainwaves and picks up certain emotional values such as frustration, excitement, engagement, meditation. It then translates them into sound waves that become audible in real-time via 48 speakers. Emotions […]