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I already hinted at this in my conscious clubbing post from september. Now it is finally going to happen. What? Berlin’s first breakfast rave! A rave… in the morning, right!

After having launched in 13 different cities such as London, Sydney, Tokyo, New York, Bangalore and Amsterdam, this week’s wednesday morning the legendary Morning Gloryville will happen at Berlin’s hipster market venue Neue Heimat. So if you want to join me raving my brains out on the dancefloor, you better put your alarm nicely early.

Besides the dancefloor, there will be a coffee bar, organic juices and smoothies, a breakfast station and free massage and yoga sessions.

Here are the details:

Still hesitant? Maybe the Morning Gloryville team Berlin, consisting of Tom Barber, yoga teacher and documentary filmmaker and Marta Cornellana, event manager and journalist, can get you in the mood.

Interview with Tom Barber and Marta Cornellana

What is Morning Gloryville and why should we go?

„Morning Gloryville ~ Rave Your Way Into The Day!“ is an immersive morning dance experience for those who dare to challenge morning culture and start their day in style! There’s no better start to the day than a soul-shaking dance, big sexy beats, some love, a hug, and for those who need it, a mind-blowing double espresso! We’ve turned clubbing on its head and promise to wake you up like you’ve never been woken up before. You come to dance in the morning because you dare to try something different. You dare to subvert morning culture and challenge your natural rhythm. You dare to dance sober.

What is your personal approach to dance? What does dance mean to you?


I like to dance wild and free! I like to let go, really get into my body and lose all my inhibitions. Morning Gloryville is the most fun I’ve had on a dance floor – ever!


I’m not a professional dancer, but I love to shake everywhere: in the shower, in the street, while working in the office or in the supermarket… Anytime there’s beats around. I love it and for me it’s the best way to be present.

Morning Gloryville

Traditionally, clubbers go dancing at night and consume substances or at least alcohol to get in the mood. Morning Gloryville turns all that around. What’s the inspiration behind it?

One Sunday you can find us in the yoga studio and the following Sunday maybe we’ll be in Berghain. Whatever your social life entails, we are turning club culture upside down by offering a sustainable option to move our bodies and feel the love without intoxicants. Whether this means detoxify to re-toxify for the imminent weekend debauchery, or you’re a person who would rather juice than gin and juice – this is a healthy offering for everyone. Together we take time for ourselves to feel empowered and energized. With our hearts and minds open, we dance into the world with more love for life. Dancing is powerful medicine that reminds us of the mysterious magic within – this magic is contagious, and even if just for a day, your city becomes a more joyful place.

How does Morning Gloryville and Berlin fit together?

Morning Gloryville has launched in cities all over the world but everyone is excited to see what happens at Morning Gloryville Berlin. Berlin has the most famous club scene in the world. We’ve had an amazing response from people all over the city so we think it will be a perfect fit!

rave your way into the day

As new Berliners, how do you experience the Berlin club scene?

We have a long list of Berlin clubs that we want to explore! We love the freedom and the diversity of the club scene here.


It’s the most famous club scene in the world and one of the many reasons why I moved here.


Yes, it’s part of the amazing creativity of the city.

morning gloryville4

Is there anything specific about organizing Morning Gloryville in Berlin that differs from the other cities?

Each Morning Gloryville event is unique to the city. We have big plans for Morning Gloryville Berlin and we want to create an amazing community of people through the event. We can’t wait to make it real in the city of passion, creativity, and open-minded people who love to try new things. The culture and background of Berlin makes the city unique and we want to follow these influences, using an old industrial warehouse covered in graffiti, for instance.

Dancing barefeet at smoke-free, alcohol-free parties used to be incredibly uncool in Germany in the 1990s. Now it’s cool. What has changed?

A lot has changed since the 90s! But dancing is the ultimate exercise and we humans have been doing it for thousands of years long before treadmills and yoga mats were invented! Free improvised dancing (no routines here) uniquely wakes up your body, mind and creativity and will leave you feeling more energized and alive than you could ever imagine. Why not start your day with an invigorating dance experience? This is conscious clubbing at it’s very best! We are challenging societal norms and in doing so giving our community a sustainable means of expression. We’re bridging the gap between the conscious dance scene (5rhythms, biodanza etc.) and what we could term ‚traditional‘ raving. We believe in the transformative power of dance, sobriety and embodied practice. We also believe in a sound system that can blow your mind!

morning gloryville

Conscious clubbing has become an international movement. Morning Gloryville also exists in many different cities all over the world. Is conscious clubbing a new subculture?

Morning Gloryville and conscious clubbing is a growing social movement that is life-changing and revolutionary. It is a powerful celebration of the magic in life. Each month around the world, we come together and dance consciously, shake off our inhibitions, connect with each other, and unearth the natural highs we experienced as kids. And we do this SOBER in the DAYLIGHT!

morning gloryville flyer

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Photo Credit: Morning Gloryville Berlin PR