5 Conscious Last Minute Activities For New Year’s Eve


So, you didn’t book that fancy Bali retreat? And now you don’t have a plan for “The Night Of The Nights” –  and that’s beginning to scare you? Worry not. There is hope! You can still chose between two things:

  • A) go to a party or
  • B) stay at home.

Haha, pretty obvious, right? Let’s explore the first option first: conscious new year’s eve activities in Berlin. Yay!

Conscious New Year’s Eve Clubs and Festivals in Berlin 2014


The young spiritual center with the most beautiful rooftop of Wedding features a big New Year’s Eve party with a men’s/women’s circle, cacao ritual, chanting, dance, vegan buffet and a gong meditation with Nanak Dev Singh. It starts at 6pm and goes until 4am.

The tickets are €50. While I am writing this, there are still roughly 100 tickets left. Tickets are available online: http://silvesterspiritberlin.eventbrite.de/

More info on our event calendar or on Facebook.


The early evening dance party hosts a New Year’s Eve party at Kolonnenstraße in Schöneberg. They offer dance, music, a vegetarian buffet on three floors and two dancefloors. There will be many mini workshops such as mantra chanting with Anne Tusche and Sufi dance with Hamdi Alkonavi. More infos on our event calendar or on Facebook.

Pre-New Year’s Eve Yoga Class at Osho Studio

Not a party, but a yoga class before the parties start. The yoga teachers Angela Collins and Jaya Yoga welcome everybody to celebrate New Year’s Eve together with yoga, kundalini yoga, a gong meditation and dancing. The fee of €15 includes tea and snacks. If you bring a friend you only pay €12 each. More infos on our event calendar or Facebook.

New Year’s Contact Festival Berlin

The contact dancers among you probably know it already: there is a lovely contact improvisation festival taking place in Berlin starting on Tuesday. Featuring yoga, live music, a healthy vegan buffet, water contact at Liquidrom and lots of jamming jamming jamming.

The regular fee is €190 including all courses (except swimming pool fee), breakfast, lunch and dinner and sleeping possibility at the centre. More infos on our event calendar or on Facebook. You can register here: www.in-touch.es

Staying at Home on New Year’s Eve

I can actually also recommend staying at home for New Year’s Eve. I’ve done this 2012 – alone – and it was the most relaxed New Year’s Eve ever. Two days later my then roommate who went to that supercool arts party in London or whereever came back home whining how awful it all has been… Sometimes staying at home is just the right thing.

No Need To chase for the best option

After all, New Years’s Eve is just another ordinary night. No need to chase for the best party or retreat or holidays. It’s a trap! You won’t miss out on anything. Promise!

(By the way you won’t ever miss out on anything if you just stay in the moment instead of always already planning the future. If you are always in the future you miss out on something important: your life.)

Becoming Solitude NYE proof

You might want to prepare your solitude New Year’s Eve a bit: Best is if you can escape to a quiet room or even better: a noise proof cellar – unless your apartment is not relatively quiet already (Mine is not).

If you can’t, just shut the windows and blinds and make sure that you have some good ear plugs. It’s also a good idea to have some food in the fridge and a nice book or movie, so you don’t have to leave the apartment during the crazyness outside. Unless you want to.

Dream Your 2015

Practice your kriya/ saddhana/ asanas. Light candles. Pray. Meditate. Dream – alone or with your beloved ones. Imagine all the things that you wish for in 2015. Be very clear about your wishes. Be also clear about what you want to let go off.

Be honest. To yourself and others. That’s the most important thing. Let go of any illusions you might be living in. You don’t need them anymore. Be brave. Whatever you do, enjoy yourself doing it. Enjoy every moment of it. Even the bad ones. This is your life. Now…and now. And now.


Photo Credit: Kyle Richner via Unsplash