Open Air Theatre: Ovid’s Dream


Last night I saw the best open air theatre play at Tempelhofer Feld and I just have to write about it here, although it’s not linked to yoga or ayurveda. It gave me a great deal of Bhava though, so maybe it’s not completely unrelated…

The name of the play is ‚Ovid’s Dream‘.


So please go and see it! And be astonished and enchanted as I have been last night…

Theatre Installation at Berlin Tempelhofer Feld

The play is situated at different spots in a parc, so it’s not a classical seated play, but rather a walk-through installation and you can pick the order in which you want to see the different shows. All plays enact mythologies that in one way or another relate to transformation.


This is framed by the production title ‚Ovid’s Dream‘. Ovid was a Roman poet most famous for his poem ‚Metamorphoses‘. The title also hints at Shakespear’s ‚Midsummer Night’s Dream‘, which also takes part outside in Fairyland, under a big round moon…

And it’s full moon today. Just saying… So it’s going to be absolutely magic! If you have somebody special, bring them there. It will be the most romantic date, promised!

The group is called ‚Theater Anu‘, the founders and directors are Stephan and Billie Behr. In collaboration with a variety of artists, they have been occupying themselves with poetical theatre in the urban space already since a decade.


Theatre Anu is based in Berlin, but they also do many travelling productions, so watch out for new stuff. ‚Ovid’s Dream‘ will also be played in Solingen on september 9th. And tonight for the last time in Berlin, at Tempelhofer Feld, Entrance Columbiadamm (near U Südstern). It starts at 10pm and goes roughly until 12:30pm. You can get tickets here or at the box office.


 Image Credit: Theater Anu.