World of Yoga in Berlin


What to do this weekend in Berlin? I will sure go to the yoga fair „World of Yoga“ that visits Berlin this weekend. I talked to Madhavi and Caitanya, co-founders of the yoga event.

Madhavi and Caitanya, what is the „World of Yoga?“

The “World of Yoga” really is a colourful market with all that yoga, ayurveda and the vegetarian and conscious lifestyle have to offer. It is a place where the different schools of yoga come together under one roof and where people get the chance to meet, practice or maybe find their first approach to the subject matter. We have Yoga classes for young and old on three different floors with teachers from all over, we have lectures held throughout the day, discussions, delicious vegetarian and vegan food and so much more.

How did it start? What inspired you to create the “World of Yoga”?

Our previous partner had the idea to start this kind of fair in 2009. In January 2010, the first fair under the name “YogaExpo” took place in Munich. From 2014 on our fairs in Munich, Stuttgart and now also in Berlin carry the name “World of Yoga”. This project has really developed wonderfully. A special atmosphere is found on every event and people keep coming back every year for this celebration!


I am very happy that the fair now also comes to Berlin. What is different here from Munich and Stuttgart?

We did organize the event in Berlin before in 2011 and we are very happy to come back! As Berlin is Madhavi´s hometown, we are spending quite some time here and both feel home.

Actually, for the first event we didn´t calculate enough time to meet with the yoga community here. Each city is so different and we couldn´t JUST organize a fair here. It has been really important to actually get to know the people and exchange. We wanted to find out what´s the mood here, what is wanted and needed. Our intention is to create a space for those interested in this kind of lifestyle where we can meet, learn, network and just really have a good time.

Berlin is surely benefitting from the valuable experiences we gained, having organized several events before. Meaning: We don´t need to make mistakes that we did in the past and in the same time each city is a new start. So we need your best wishes and your presence for this Berlin fair to become the festival that we facilitate to create for Berlin!

Which teachers and events can we look forward to? What are the highlights?

There are a few teachers like Ronald Steiner, Patrick Broome, Christine May and a few others who have been teaching on every event since the very first hour. So for Berlin Ronald with ashtanga yoga and Patrick with jivamukti and yin yoga will be with us, there will be anusara yoga, “Yoga Piano”, regenerative practice with live piano, “FeetUp” practice with the headstand helper, acro yoga and so much more. Then we have the well-known and appreciated thai massage teacher Krishnataki, a panel discussion with the reknowned European Academy for Ayurveda (Rosenberg), a wonderful yoga programme for kids, yoga fashion shows, good food stuffs, kirtan in the evenings and a nice collection of stands that offer everything that the heart desires.

For more programme details, check our webpage:

I heard this time ayurveda is also a big topic at the “World of Yoga”…?

Ayurveda has been a big topic from the very first event on, so it is not new at all. The World of Yoga is aiming to represent some of the culture of yoga of which ayurveda is an important aspect. An actually growing aspect of the fair is the vegetarian lifestyle which is factually another facet of yogic lifestyle as well as independent from it for sure.

How much are the tickets and where can we buy them?

The tickets are only €12 per day. They have been available online until today and can be purchased on the fair itself from friday, 3pm when the doors of the Postbahnhof will be opened for you!! Namaste!

Thank you very much!