How to Embody Your Practice And Create Your Life

By Juan Pablo Escorcia.   2:00am. Nairobi, Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta airport. 4 hour lay-over on a trip from Harare (Zimbabwe) to Amsterdam. There are just so many things you can do when you are exhausted and with time to spare in an in-between land. After finishing my book and arranging all the contacts, pictures, videos […]

Interview: Morning Gloryville

I already hinted at this in my conscious clubbing post from september. Now it is finally going to happen. What? Berlin’s first breakfast rave! A rave… in the morning, right! After having launched in 13 different cities such as London, Sydney, Tokyo, New York, Bangalore and Amsterdam, this week’s wednesday morning the legendary Morning Gloryville will […]

Suleyman Mosque in Istanbul

The Yog’s Guide to Istanbul

Are you in the mood for a little city trip? Istanbul is a fascinating city with a fresh yoga and dance scene, and the flights from Berlin are quite cheap… Part European, part Asian, the metropolis is full of contrasts. Adorned by byzantine palasts and modern architecture, colourful bazaars and beautiful mosques, the city juxtaposes […]

The Blue Monkey

Bye-Bye Berghain, Hello Conscious Clubbing

Do you love to dance but you just can’t stand to be in regular clubs and bars anymore? The smoke that will make you feel hungover the next morning, even if you don’t drink, the drug-intoxicated people, the stimulus satiation, the screaming at each other to drown out the loud music. The late night/ early […]

The yogi Nanak Dev Singh and his taiko drum group "Spirit" in Berlin

Yogic Trance Dance in Berlin with Nanak Dev Singh & the Gongsters

Are you a yogi and in the mood for a little bootie and mind shaking? Imagine the healing power of the gong, mantra chanting, kundalini yoga and a taiko drum show combined – this could become one of the most mind blowing and transformative events in Berlin this autumn! Kundalini yogi, gong player and direct disciple of Yogi […]