Jap Nirantar About Gong Meditation, Sound Waves & Rebirthing {Interview}

Gong Rebirthing Retreat Did you ever participate in a gong meditation? It’s an ancient healing technique from the tradition of kundalini yoga. I’ve done a couple within the last years and I can say that’s some powerful stuff! A few times I felt catapulted deeply into bliss and my ego was more or less completely melted for […]

Lin Holmqvist About Yoga, Sex and Consciousness {Interview}

Ängsbacka – A Conscious Community in Sweden I just returned from one exciting week at No Mind festival at Ängsbacka. Ängsbacka is an alternative living community and conscious festival and retreat space in the tiny Swedish village Molkom near Karlstad. Being very interested in alternative living communities and new conscious models of togetherness I was super […]

Julia Moton About Kundalini Yoga and Clear Light Healing {Interview}

Can’t wait to meet Julia Moton who visits Berlin tomorrow, Thursday, May 28, and will stay until Sunday, May 30! The LA-based Kundalini Yoga teacher and healer will give workshops and a training in the evenings and is available for individual healing sessions in the afternoons. Interview Sat Nam Julia, first of all thank very much for the opportunity to interview you! If I understood it correctly […]

Somuchmore Founder Johannes Klose About Yoga, Business & the Holistic Day {Interview}

Johannes is Founder and CEO of the Berlin-headquartered yoga, sports and wellness start-up Somuchmore. Somuchmore offers different membership packages with which you can visit a range of different yoga, dance and fitness studios, saunas and spas in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart for a monthly fee. Holistic Day If you want to get to know Somuchmore and enjoy […]

In Memory Of Nanak Dev Singh 

My beloved teacher Nanak Dev Singh Khalsa left his body on Friday, February 13th 2015 after three weeks of hospitalization following a heart attack. I finally found words to write about it. The day when Nanak died I returned home from a meeting in the afternoon. It was a lovely day, the sun was shining and […]

Lisa Park

Lisa Park: Artist Uses EEG to make Emotions Visible

I just came across an article about Lisa Park’s work „Eunoia II“ and I think it’s incredible! The New York-based South-Korean artist uses an Emotiv EEG headset that measures her brainwaves and picks up certain emotional values such as frustration, excitement, engagement, meditation. It then translates them into sound waves that become audible in real-time via 48 speakers. Emotions […]