International Day of Yoga {June 21}

This Sunday, June 21st has officially been declared the International Day of Yoga by the Indian government and 175 co-sponsoring nations that will all take part in a worldwide celebration of yoga. The IDY in Berlin In Berlin the main festivities will take place at Pariser Platz/ Brandenburger Tor from 3 – 5 pm, featuring asana […]

6 Signs That It Is Your Dharma To Be a Kundalini Yoga Teacher

For years I’ve tried NOT to be a yoga teacher… I’ve tried hard but failed miserably! Let’s face it: If it’s your dharma, its unavoidable. Nothing else will work. Maybe you are in the same situation. You are a devoted student, want to know everything about yoga and consider doing a TTC – but still struggle with […]

So You Think That’s Yoga?

You run to the yoga studio twice, maybe thrice a week. You practice handstand, scorpio, kapotasana, eka pada koundinyasana (the pose from the title picture)… Congratulations! You are a hard-working gymnast! So am I. As most busy city people I have the tendency to rush though my practice. I have to remember myself every single minute to […]

morning sadhana

Why it Totally Makes Sense to Drag Yourself from Bed Before Sunrise

Two weeks ago I started a 40-day morning Sadhana between 4am and 5:30am in the morning. It’s not easy keeping up, but it’s worth it. Luckily, I have a friend that joins me in this. We start together and keep texting us throughout the practice. This morning, I was so tired, I would totally have […]


What is Desire and How to Deal with it

I’ve been thinking a lot about desire as a major problem of the mind lately. I took the liberty to wildly mix some theories from yoga and spiritual discourse with post-structuralist philosophy. The following becomes a bit theoretical in the end but it’s eventually very practical to be clear about what it is the mind […]

108 yogis charity yoga festival in berlin

108 x 108: Yoga Charity Festival in Berlin

Yogis of Berlin, here is a good way to spend this sunday: it’s yoga, it’s fun and it is for a good cause! With their project 108 x 108, the organizers Frauke Schroth and Janna Aljets want to support various refugee projects in Berlin. Here’s the schedule for tomorrow: 10:08: 108 sun salutations with 108 Yogis […]