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karolina darshan

About Me

I am a certified yoga and ayurveda teacher, a high sensitive person, a singer and student of naad yoga (the yoga of sound) and Hindustani classical music.

My first yoga experiences I had as a child with my mum who also introduced me into different alternative healing techniques. Years later I ended up in a yoga class again by chance and immediately understood that this would eventually change my life. Within 3 months I quit my unhealthy habits, started to eat healthy as my mum already taught me years ago and found back to the spiritual path.

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A couple of years later I quit my job and finally did what I always wanted to do: traveling India. I bought a one-way-ticket, left Berlin and for the next 9 months extensively studied Yoga and Ayurveda in the country that is known to be the cradle of yoga.


My way initially led me to Rolf and Marci Naujokat in Goa who taught me Ashtanga Yoga. Then I travelled up north and stayed for 4 months in the Himalayas where I studied and worked full-time at the ayurvedic clinic and yoga school of Dr. Arun Sharma. The curriculum included Hatha Yoga, Indian Philosophies, Ayurveda Medicine & Theory, Ayurvedic Massages & Therapies, Ayurvedic Cooking & Nutrition and Panchakarma for Westerners (Detox). It provided an in-depth study and experience of traditional Indian yoga and ayurveda.

A time will come when you shall meet your teacher for a tenth of a second. When you see your teacher, you will feel it in your heart, not your head. That is the end, beginning and middle of it (Yogi Bhajan 9/22/2002).

I never expected that it would be years later back in Berlin where I would finally meet „my“ teacher. Through a friend I met the US-American Sikh, Kundalini Yogi and Gatka Warrior Nanak Dev Singh Khalsa who started teaching me.

Nanak dev Singh explains the purpose of life

At this point my life started to feel purely magical. The transformative process has been intense. It was like being in a spiritual pressure cooker – that’s Nanak’s own expression to describe his time in his teacher’s – Yogi Bhajan’s – ashram in Espaniola, New Mexico.

Only seven months after I met my guru, I had to let him go again. Nanak, aged 67, died of the consequences of a heart attack on February 13th, 2015. In the last class before he died, he told his students that he intended us to be teachers in order to share what he taught us.

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He has not been able to finish our education while he has been still in his physical form, but a strong connection to his spirit will remain forever. And even beyond the physical plane the teachings continue…

I currently study Indian classical music with Sanyot Mayekar (Goa) and others and sing in the Indian/ electronic fusion band Secret River.

I salute to all my wonderful teachers that I met along the way! I am deeply grateful for the many things that I got to experience and learn in this life and I want to pass on the knowledge and experiences to those who can use it. 

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