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Do you want to gain more inner strength and confidence? Dare to live the life that you want? The key is to truly love and accept yourself the way you are and at the same time challenge the way you have been „thinking and feeling yourself small“.

Know Yourself

For this you need to get to know yourself very well first. Study and observe the way you think and feel. Notice patterns that occur frequently. Once you know yourself very deeply – your needs and wants, your goals, what truly matters to you and what not but also your habitual ways of thinking and feeling – it is easier to focus on what you truly want in your life.

stop trying to please others

Every day many people around us try to tell us how we ought to be, what they want us to do and how to be „good people“ – according to them. It is very easy to lose yourself in the multitude of expectations from outside. In addition to that we all carry many conditionings from our societal and cultural backgrounds that are deeply imprinted on us. Sometimes it can be difficult to dissect what is the true you and what has been imprinted on you by your family, your background and the society you grew up in.

The thing is: nobody will love you because you give up yourself for them. But once you fully accept yourself and live your truth the people that love you the way you are will naturally radiate towards you.

Train the way you think and feel

Our brains are performing multiple tasks every day automatically. This is important for us to not have to think about every single task we do. However, our brains get used to the way we think and feel, creating more of the same thoughts and feelings. If we constantly worry about our problems we get trapped in a hamster wheel of worries, eventually only creating more and more of that.

Maybe you have experienced it yourself that when you had a rough time suddenly more and more bad things would start to happen to you. Like a vicious circle. Or the opposite was the case: You had a good experience, maybe went traveling to another country and all by a sudden, you experienced a chain reaction of nice things coming into your life.

The thing is we can actually train our brains to think and feel differently, independantly from our environment. It requires commitment and a regular practice – but it is absolutely worth it.

my own experience

I have struggled for decades with finding my true calling. I felt so different from everybody I knew. Something about the world as it was and how the people acted in it just seemed inherently wrong to me but somehow everybody seemed to agree with the way it was and it was almost impossible to even communicate about it. 

Trying to act „normal“ in order to fit in and be accepted drained my energy. It wasn’t until later that I found out that as a Highly Sensitive Person I was indeed operating very differently from the majority of people. HSP feels differently, perceives differently, thinks differently.

With years of experience and experiments I understood myself and my needs better, and what is even more important, I accepted myself fully as I am. And I learned to trust my intuition again. It is often not easy to understand for the outside world –  but I know now that my intuition – my heart – is always right and shows me the next step on my way. The funny thing: once you do what feels right and it starts working, also the outside world starts accepting you.

But this was just the first step. Later I discovered that my experiences would always change dramatically for the better whenever I did what I really wanted (and stopped doing what I didn’t like but thought was necessary). This then led to more rewarding experiences. Thus, over the years I gained more and more confidence which again led to more positive experiences in the outside world.

my coaching sessions

In my coaching sessions I show you how you can free yourself from conditioning and victim mode and manifest the life you want. I support and accompany you on your path to free yourself, help you to identify limiting thinking and feeling patterns and how to change them and develop a personal practice together with you that helps you to gain all the inner strength and confidence you need to create your dream life.

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