In Memory Of Nanak Dev Singh 

My beloved teacher Nanak Dev Singh Khalsa left his body on Friday, February 13th 2015 after three weeks of hospitalization following a heart attack. I finally found words to write about it. The day when Nanak died I returned home from a meeting in the afternoon. It was a lovely day, the sun was shining and […]

Vasant Ritu Ayurveda

Get Ready for Spring with Ayurveda

Have you listened to the songs of the birds lately? They are back, so is the sun. The temperatures have risen to 6-7° Celsius. For Germany, that’s somewhat warm – and a clear sign that spring cannot be far. Also in my own preferences and eating habits I notice the turn of the seasons. Lately, I crave more salads […]

spiritual poetry

I Want to Be a River

I want to be a river for you It’s my nature to flow To meander through your landscapes Until I merge into the sea I’m very patient In a hundred years I have smoothened the stones to sand And made them my bed My water is my love for you It’s my nature to give I […]

This Week’s Events

Monday, 16.02., 7:30pm and Wednesday, 18.02., 7:30 Kundalini Yoga with Devta @Triguna, Pankow. More information here. Thursday, 19.02., 7pm Liebe Tanzen (love dance) Dance Journey. More information here. Friday, 20.02., 6:30pm Meine Beziehung zu Geld erforschen & verstehen Understanding and exploring my relationship to money. Workshop, held in German. More information here. Friday, 20.02., 8pm Acoustic […]

This Week’s Events

Wednesday, 11.02., 7pm Kundalini Yoga with Devta Every Monday and Wednesday @Triguna. More information here. Wednesday, 11.02., 7:30pm Buddha Lounge Conscious Club. More information here. Thursday, 12.02., 7pm Ecstatic Dance Conscious Club. More information here. Friday, 13.02., 7:45 7 Sessions: Biodanza Conscious Club / Biodanza workshop. More information here. Saturday, 14.02., 11:30 „Spirit Berlin“ DVD/VOD/CD […]

berlin events february

This Week’s Events

Monday, 02.02., 7pm Ashtanga Yoga Mysore Style @The Heads With Regina Ehlers. The Heads is a new yoga studio at Marianneplatz. More information here. Tuesday, 03.03, 6pm Full Moon Live Piano Yoga Class With Marta Jurkowska. More information here. Wednesday, 04.02., 10am Authentic Movement Workshop Every 1st wednesday of the month. With Jenia Avner. More information […]

yoga events in berlin

This Week’s Events

Monday, 26.01., 7pm Practical Shamanism Workshop with Mari Sierra. This is a 6 class series starting today with a series of themes: energy / healing / symbols / divination / contemplation / touch and sound. All people welcome. No experience needed. More information here. Wednesday, 28.01., 6:30am Morning Gloryville Berlin #2 Morning Rave @Neue Heimat, […]

berlin events weekend

This Weekend’s Events

Friday, 23.01., 6pm Kundalini Yoga with Jatinder Jatinder is back from India and will teach a new class in Charlottenburg. More information here. Friday, 23.01., 7pm Radical Honesty Dating Night More information here. Saturday, 24.01., 4pm Soulfood & Snacks Eve Inspired by radical honesty, authentic communication, bodywork and play More information here. Saturday, 24.01., 8pm […]