Preparation for the cool season with ayurveda

10 Ayurvedic Late Summer Tricks that Prepare Your Body for the Cool Season

In Berlin it’s been pretty fresh these days. The temperatures are dropping. August is a challenging time for the body, because the latter needs to prepare for the changing climate in the following months. Varsha Ritu, the Rainy Season in India In Sanskrit, late summer is called Varsha Ritu, the rainy season. In India, the […]

Ayurveda nutritionist and consultant Joseph Rubin about yoga, ayurveda, karma, spirituality and living in rishikesh, india.

Joseph Rubin: Ayurveda, Higher Consciousness and the Paradoxes of India

Joseph is an ayurveda nutritionist and consultant and has taught in India and the USA for many years. He currently lives in Berlin where he gives workshops about “The Art of Sacred Cooking & Dining”. His next workshop is this weekend, July 19th and 20th. More workshops will follow in september and october. He will also do workshops in Italy, Prague […]