Amrit Vela Sadhana Ruined My Social Life


It is done! April 29th was the last day of my 40 day-sadhana! It was not my first 40-day Kundalini Yoga practise – but the first one that I did consistently during Amrit Vela at 4am. Before, I usually practised whenever I found some time. In the morning. More often in the evening, before I went to bed. Occasionally by then I got so tired that I would skip the sadhana. Sometimes I would start over again with the 40 days. Sometimes I just went on. Sometimes I did not even count the days, I just went on and on with the practice. Subagh Kriya was like that for me. I’ve done it for months on and off (more on than off though) without even really keeping track of the days.

Good Morning and Ong Namo!

This time was different: For the last 40 days, every single morning before sunrise at 3:45am my alarm went off, I got up, splashed some cold water over my face (I do the cold shower thing later, just cannot bring myself to do that at 4am in the morning!), lit a candle, lied down for another three minutes, waiting for the text of my friend who has been doing the sadhana with me: “Good morning, ong namo!” – that was my cue to sit up and start the practise, knowing that my friend did exactly the same at their home.

How did it effect me? Honestly, it kind of ruined my social life! Several times I had to spontanously cancel dinner rendez-vous – 8pm feels like midnight, when you get up at 4am in the morning! But I have to say that it was totally worth it. The sadhana gave me a clarity and stability I did not experience before.

40 Days To Crush Your Karma

My teacher Nanak Dev Singh always said that Amrit Vela Sadhana is a powerful tool to release karma. My experiences prove this to be true for me. Bad habits, thought patterns, emotional dramas, all your shit – excuse the French – that’s what bad karma is, right? During Amrit Vela Sadhana you can literally watch yourself going through that like in a movie.

There are things coming: thoughts, emotions, fear. God, some of it is intense! But through the practice you feel more and more detached from that. You know that it’s just your shit and then you tell yourself: Okay, that’s just my shit! And in this moment you can let it go. That’s how I experienced it. What are your sadhana experiences? Please tell us in the comment section if you feel like sharing!

So since Monday I have a sadhana break. I’m almost missing it already! At the same time I am relieved. It really is somewhat strenuous to keep up a practice like this. It requires a lot of discipline. However, the next kriya will start soon. My friend says I’m such a geek. Guess we both are. Wahe Guru!

Photo Credit: Julie Geiger via Unsplash