6 Signs That It Is Your Dharma To Be a Kundalini Yoga Teacher


For years I’ve tried NOT to be a yoga teacher… I’ve tried hard but failed miserably! Let’s face it: If it’s your dharma, its unavoidable. Nothing else will work.

Maybe you are in the same situation. You are a devoted student, want to know everything about yoga and consider doing a TTC – but still struggle with some fear and resistance? I summed up some signs you should watch out for in case you wonder if teaching yoga is on your path.

I have a nice surprise for you at the end of this article… Read on and check it out!


5 Signs You Should Seriously Consider A Kundalini Yoga TTC

1. You are madly in love with kundalini yoga

If it’s for you, it’s for you. You just know it. You feel it with every beat of your heart. Ang Sang Wahe Guru!

2. You are super curious and just cannot learn enough

You want to know everything about Kundalini Yoga. Your book shelve is full with yoga books. You go to a studio and/or practise at home and regularly visit workshops to deepen your knowledge.

3. You are persistent In your practice

You keep up with your practice. You have the self-discipline to practice everyday or nearly everyday. Maybe you have already completed one (or even several) 40-day-sadhanas.

4. You really really like people and you have the strong need to share your experience and uplift others

Teaching kundalini yoga is not for the faint-hearted. It is a big challenge. As a teacher you will filter and purify the energy of your students during the class. This can be very draining. It’s very rewarding too.

If you are aware of that and still feel a deep inner urge to teach go for it! But there is nothing wrong with just loving to practise.


5. People keep asking you if you are a teacher

When the teacher is ready the students will come. Sometimes the students even come BEFORE the teacher is ready…

I remember when I had a committed practice for only a couple of months or so I went to the Baltic sea alone. That was in October. It has been quite cold and windy but I still practised and meditated for hours at the beach. One day this lady came to me and asked if I was a yoga teacher. I was super happy and proud and showed her some simple stretches. The next day another lady approached me with the same question… I should have known by then – but I wasn’t ready.

5. You can do 5 minutes of stretch pose

For Yogi Bhajan the student was ready to teach when they were able to do 5 minutes of stretch pose at a stretch. According to him difficulties to hold the pose are not due to muscular weakness but to imbalances in the manipura chakra.

Karam kriya

Discount for The Yog readers

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The comprehensive, 3HO-certified training takes one year and includes 9 weekends and one intensive week at Ustad Shiv Sharan Singh’s ashram Quinto do Rajo in Portugal. The images in this article have all been taken during the Karam Kriya training programme at Kreuzbergyoga or at the ashram in Portugal. Here’s a video of the beautiful ashram:

You will still have to book your own flight to Portugal and pay for the food during the educational weekends yourself. We have a chef that cooks delicious healthy vegetarian/ vegan food for us.

Hope to see you soon at Kreuzbergyoga!

Photo Credit: Paul Jarvis via Unsplash, Kreuzbergyoga/ Karam Kriya, The Yog