High Sensitive Yoga


Do you feel like yoga makes you even more sensitive and vulnerable to your environment? Do you rather wish for a practice that grounds you and helps you face the challenges of daily life as a high sensitive person (HSP)?

High Sensitive People or people in the kundalini process are often open in the higher chakras. This can lead to a heightened sensitivity to stimuli in the environment.

Most yoga classes direct the energy upwards aiming at an opening of the higher centres. If they are already open, oversensitivity can increase even more and people can feel overwhelmed in the class or in their daily life.

Sensing that it makes them even more sensitive and vulnerable to their environment, high sensitive people then often give up yoga and meditation practices entirely.

What a pity! Because yoga also offers a toolbox of grounding and stabilizing practices that sensitive people can benefit from!

Practices that calm their often overexcited nervous system. That root them deeply in their bodies and thus increase their resilience and help face the challenges of daily life with ease and joy.

Every second wednesday I teach kundalini yoga for high sensitive people at Moos-Nest, Moosdorfstraße 7 near S Treptower Park. 19:00-20:30.

You will learn calming, grounding and stabilizing practices.

Plus, you meet other high sensitive people and learn from each other’s experiences and coping strategies.

Photo Credit:

Amy Treasure via Unsplash