Agape Zoe July 16 Report


After the festival is before the festival. I have had such a great time at Agape Zoe! I met so many wonderful teachers and healers, made friends and frolicked around with many lovely people and I am very grateful for the experience. So good that the next one is already on September 10th and 11th!

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For me the festival unfolded quite magically. Every experience, encounter, insight kind of led to the next. I started the festival with a grinberg workshop by Sophie Kinkel where I got a new insight about a physical pattern I perform. In the workshop by Sabina Ahmetspahic “Heal yourself” we worked with EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, which I then used to dissolve this blockage.

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Saturday night I enjoyed Scott Binder’s a.k.a. Chak Ra’s cacao ceremony and dance. I was able to completely let go and danced for hours with closed eyes. So good!

On Sunday, by chance I followed a new friend into Lars Basczok’s self worth workshop and was left with surprised.  Instead of talking about self worth Lars started to walk around hugging people and told us to do the same. It was definitely not what I had expected but I absolutely loved it as it led me to connect with so many people in a very cuddly playful way.

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In Eiji Han Shimizu’s “Deathbed Experience” the Japanese teacher led us through our own death. I have to say dying with Shimizu was a fun experience! I laughed my ass off because he is so funny! Afterwards, we did a metta bhavana meditation, the meditation the Dalai Lama practices every day. Interestingly, for me the actual act of dying came very easily, but I experienced a lot of trouble and a weird feeling in my arms before. Seems like the real thing (dying) is not so bad after all, maybe it’s just all the fuzz we make about it beforehand.

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Lured by one of my favourite songs, „Happy“ by Pharrell Williams, I visited Christine Schmid’s transformative breathing workshop with a little delay. Luckily, I could still join… It was very intense and all the girls around me cried. Like a lot! For me, it was rather an easy, soft experience. But then, wow! When the teacher touched my ajna chakra during the shavasana, it suddenly opened. Poof! I mean these things open and close all the time. Don’t know about you but mine do.

agape zoe 8

Oh, and the food was good too. Whereas a friend who visited a yoga festival in Britain at the same weekend complained about the food that was bad and too expensive, by contrast I was very happy with the choices. The venue offered a nice vegan soup, coffee and tea with organic milk and diverse milk alternatives and yummy cakes. The chocolate cake. The chocolate cake. Oh. My. God.

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Plus, there was free water supply by the wonderful Berlinian company Leogant. Nice.

When I left Sunday night, I was tired but happy and felt emotionally and spiritually deeply nourished. I have had so many beautiful encounters with others and myself. Looking forward for the next Agape Zoe in September!

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Photo Credit: Jaqueline Ehrhart