Mantra & Voice Training

Embodied Voice Activation

Open your throat chakra with Mantra, Movement and Singing!

Vishuddha, the throat chakra, relates not only to your ability to sing but also to speak your truth and express yourself creatively.

As children we have been taught by our cultural, societal and family backgrounds what is acceptable to say and do and what not. In order to receive love (which is essential for survival as small children) most of us learned to suppress some ,unacceptable’ parts of ourselves. Such conditioning can result in a throat chakra blockage. As adults it then is hard to express true desires and creativity honestly and freely as some parts of it have formerly been neglected.

But it is possible to relearn free, creative expression and train both your voice and your ability to speak your truth!

I combine singing and voice training with yoga, breathwork, meditation and movement. I have been singing in bands and electronic music projects for 20 years and since two seasons study Classical Hindustani singing and Mantra with my teacher Sanjyot Mayekar in India. In my experience as a singer, yoga and breathwork has helped me tremendously to open, relax and heal my voice. Based on this experience I have developed (and keep developing and improving) a technique to help others to improve their singing through emotional release, movement and yogic and meditative practices. 

I offer group workshops and individual sessions. Each workshop/ session is different and depends on the participants‘ needs or the group energy at the very moment. I intuitively employ tools from yoga, breathing and movement/ emotional release to arrive in a state of relaxation and activation of the parasympathetic nervous system, followed by voice training, mantras and kirtan or any song you’d like to learn.

Free Test Call!

Contact me if you are interested and want to know more about my offerings. We can get to know each other and talk about your needs and goals and potential ways to work together to achieve them in a 10 minute call.

1:1 Sessions Online

50 minutes: 50€

3 sessions package: 130€

10 sessions package: 390€

1:1 Session offline

50 minutes: 70€

3 sessions package: 190€

10 sessions package: 570€