Darshan Yoga

darshan yoga

What is Darshan Yoga?

My yoga classes are based on Maha Yoga by Nanak Dev Singh, Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, breathwork and meditation. 

To me as a high sensitive teacher it is especially important to teach how to learn to rely on and trust your own inner guidance. Your own inner guru. The silent voice inside yourself that knows exactly what is right for you in every moment. On and off the mat.

On the mat this means being able to sense if a pose is right for you or not, how far to go in a pose, how to move etc.

Off the mat it means every day to feel your feelings and own your truth. To trust your intuition and develop strong boundaries while staying soft and open-heartened (which always starts with opening your heart towards yourself!). This is something I also focus on in my couching offerings for high sensitive people.

Containing dynamical elements of physical practice, meditation and awareness practices, breath work (pranayam) hand and arm positions (mudra) and naad yoga (sound), Darshan yoga effectively influences the body-mind system on all levels. Based on my skills and positive experiences I often incorporate elements of dance and movement for emotional release as well as the chanting of Sanskrit and Gurmukhi mantras.

Unlike some yoga styles, Darshan Yoga does not contain exercizes with high injury risk like headstand or extreme backbends. Most positions can be practiced by people of every age and constitution. Alternatives are given where necessary.
Yoga is no competition. It is not about how flexible you are and how cute your butt looks in your new yogapants. The focus is inwards, so we practice mostly with closed eyes to perceive the sensations and energy flows in our body which effects a refinement of the awareness. The goal is to come back into a union with yourself, with your soul. To stay connected with your inner voice that knows what you need.

All classes are safe for high sensitive people. Beginners, intermediate and advanced students are welcome to join. My style of teaching is rather soft and allowing and focused on the field and the inner experience of each participant.

Darshan Yoga (in german, Online)

Every Monday, 8pm – 9:30pm Berlin time

Test class: 10€

Drop in: 15€

3 class pass: 40 €

If you want to join write me: karolina.burbach@gmail.com


Private Classes (1:1)

Now available online via Zoom.

1 private class (60 minutes): 50€

3 class pass: 130 €