Somuchmore Founder Johannes Klose About Yoga, Business & the Holistic Day {Interview}


Johannes is Founder and CEO of the Berlin-headquartered yoga, sports and wellness start-up Somuchmore. Somuchmore offers different membership packages with which you can visit a range of different yoga, dance and fitness studios, saunas and spas in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart for a monthly fee.

Holistic Day_Berlin_20150517

Holistic Day

If you want to get to know Somuchmore and enjoy a full day of yoga, wellness, fitness and interesting lectures about healthy living FOR FREE come to the Holistic Day: this saturday, May 16th in Hamburg and sunday, May 17 in Berlin at Generator Hostel, Oranienburger Str. 65. Healthy snacks and drinks by Superfoods, Bonativo, Ory and more will be provided.



Johannes, first of all thank you very much for the possibility to interview you! From the very beginning we have been very curious about Somuchmore. What do you do and why should we become members?

Because we really mean what we´re telling. Live the holistic life. Enjoy every single day on this planet. Be so much more … and live up to your potentials. With Somuchmore every day is a discovery of new classes, disciplines, people – and your own hidden talents.

What inspired you to start Somuchmore?

Well … the thought or rather the feeling how many people, including myself, do not live up their full dreams and potentials. And why? Lack of tools, resources, access – plus a negative mindset telling you “You are not good enough, you are not worthy enough”. Somuchmore is our answer to that.


What advice would you give to someone looking to start their own yoga business?

Believe in it and just keep on doing it and believe in it and just keep on doing it… –  and improve along the way.

As the founder and CEO of your own company you are a very busy man. How do you maintain centered in the midst of the daily hustle?

I meditate, work out every day and eat and live pretty healthily. And I try to be conscious in everything I do. Do I always succeed? Not at all! Accepting this, making small steps, enjoying the moment, and loving yourself is key.


For me it is crucial to maintain a consistent yoga practice and a special relationship with your teacher and the group. With the Somuchmore membership you can theoretically go “yoga-hopping” and try another studio everyday. How can you avoid getting lost in the spirituality market?

Sometimes getting a little lost is nice, no? Then again, it might be time to focus and stay with one place. We offer a card for both needs. The white card is for discovery, the black card for staying more with one place. In general … everyone of us knows what is best for him or her. Generally we do believe in variety and colors. Just like nature. But, and this is very important to us, Somuchmore is not about doing things for the sake of doing things.


Somuchmore is expanding. Since recently you also offer packages with studios in Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart. What will be next?

Oh … there is so much more to come. We expand to new countries, experiment with new categories and, above all, learn from our customers and partners every day. They create our product, not us, we just try to understand them and learn from them every day.


Thank you very much for the interview!