Julia Moton About Kundalini Yoga and Clear Light Healing {Interview}


Can’t wait to meet Julia Moton who visits Berlin tomorrow, Thursday, May 28, and will stay until Sunday, May 30! The LA-based Kundalini Yoga teacher and healer will give workshops and a training in the evenings and is available for individual healing sessions in the afternoons.



Sat Nam Julia, first of all thank very much for the opportunity to interview you! If I understood it correctly you were born and raised in Germany, but live in LA now. Is that true? What’s your story?

Yes that is true, I was born and raised in Germany and then about 10 years ago I moved to Los Angeles with my husband. Within a short time of living in LA I discovered that I was suffering from a life threatening auto-immune disease and as you can imagine this completely shifted my life.

After desperately searching for someone to help me, visiting numerous doctors and exhausting my options in the western medical field, an inner voice finally brought me to Kundalini Yoga and the Clear Light Healing.

This catapulted me onto my spiritual path, to my own self healing process and of course to becoming a healer and teacher. Even though it was a scary and extremely painful time, I am tremendously grateful for all these experiences and the gift that I am now able to share this to help and empower others on their own path.

When I first heard of Kundalini Yoga I was prejudiced. I thought Kundalini Yogis just sit and hold up their arms all the time and hardly move! I just didn’t get it… Later I fell in love with Kundalini! And not only me. It seems like many people discover Kundalini Yoga now. Can you explain this raising interest?

Well, you know Kundalini Yoga is such a powerful form of yoga that gives you an immediate experience and you can feel very quickly how it starts transforming your body, mind and spirit.

Over the years I have witnessed that people all over the world are longing for such a personal transformation in their own lives and they absolutely love what Kundalini Yoga can do for them.

I believe that more people are waking up to the idea of living a more conscious lifestyle and this specific form of yoga is truly self-empowering in that regard. It is an awakening of your true self. It’s an experience that goes directly to your heart. People are more and more open to receive these teachings and transforming their lives.

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Julia Moton

What is Clear Light Healing and how did you become a healer?

Clear Light is a powerful hands on healing technique. Using and directing the highest vibrational frequencies of light for physical, mental and spiritual transformation Clear Light Healing is effective in a wide range of illnesses and resolves deep emotional and mental barriers. I often say it’s the female way of healing. There is no ego involved. It’s simple, pure and immediate. And I witness miracles every time.

One day in the middle of battling my disease for years I realized I have the power within me to heal myself. I started meditating and praying on that thought. Shortly after I met Mielle Vietor the founder of Clear Light Healing.

She initiated me and trained me privately within 4 hours. She said: go home, heal yourself and then share your gift with others and bring Clear Light Healing into the world. Within 2 weeks I healed myself, started to become a healer and began traveling the globe. It’s truly been quite an adventure!

How do Kundalini Yoga and Clear Light Healing go together?

Both have in common that they work very fast on your body mind and spirit and offer powerful tools. 

Kundalini Yoga is a beautiful uplifting practice of actively having a physical and spiritual path for the day to day challenges we all have to face in these often stressful or difficult times of our life. Clear Light Healing goes (extremely) deep, healing parts of yourself that may not yet even be known to you.

It reconnects you to your life’s purpose, to your soul and ultimately helps heal any blocks that are preventing you from that purpose. Clear Light Healing amplifies and uplifts you on your spiritual path with Kundalini Yoga. It brings balance to the deepest part of you. They both complement each other in a wonderful way.


You also offer a Clear Light Healing training this Saturday. What can we learn and why should we become clear light healers?

In the Basic Training you will receive the initiation of Clear Light to activate your healing hands. You will learn how to heal yourself and how to heal others (physically, mentally, emotionally and on the spiritual level). I will show you how to heal people over distance, work with animals and clear homes.


You will leave this course being able to start healing yourself and others right away. Whether you use this technique to heal yourself, your children, family and friends, make a career of healing or use it to awaken to a deeper spiritual path, you will touch hearts and be a bright blessing to everyone you encounter.


Many healers also use Clear Light Healing as an amplification and in combination with other healing arts such as chiropractic, acupuncture, yoga, massage and reiki. Clear Light Healing changed many lives by unexpected miracles.

Thank you very much for the interview!

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Julia’s Schedule in Berlin

The workshops will be in English, but Julia also speaks German. If you have a question or want to book a workshop, the training or an individual Clear Light Healing session with Julia, you can contact her via email: julia.moton@gmail.com

Thursday, May 28th, 7:45-9:45 pm

Healing Circle, Alea, Kaiserdamm 21, 3. Etage Vorderhaus, Charlottenburg

Friday, May 29th, 7pm-10pm

Kundalini Yoga Workshop, Kreuzbergyoga, Lübbener Straße 9, Kreuzberg

Saturday, May 30th, 6pm-10pm

Clear Light Healing Training, Choriner Straße 46, Mitte

julia moton clear light healing training