Nanak Dev Singh Explains the Purpose of Life


The following is the intro of one of our first classes with Nanak. Words cannot describe how deeply it touched me then and continues to touch, inspire and motivate me.

The funny thing is, in the few days before this session I was in crisis, challenging life in general and the specific path I had taken in particular, my mind perpetually circling around the big questions: Am I living the wrong life? Do I have to give it all up? What is my dharma? What should I do, for god’s sake!

And there he was, just as if he could read my mind, giving me all the answers I needed so badly. Thank you so much, Nanak!

All of you, who see this article, please watch the video! Or read the text below – I summed up Nanak’s talk. From the depths of my heart I hope it can be of service to you too.

„…If you’re sincere and honest and you want to know your purpose… Myyyyyyyy purpose! Not your children’s or your husband’s purpose, they have theeeeeeeeeir purpose. It’s very personal…

You gotta ask the right question. The right question is what’s the purpose of life? But if you’re ready to enter this, you gotta ask the big question: What is the purpose of creation? Why? Scientists can explain to me everything that happens after, but nobody can explain why.

The attraction of what two lovers have is what holds the universe together

In the vedic tradition they have an amazing metaphor for how creation came about. Brahma, the creator god and his wife have been making love for eons. The attraction of what two lovers have is what holds the universe together. They describe them as lovers, just making love, as one.

And then you know what happens? Brahma’s lover decides: You know, it would be fun to make love as horses! Let’s have a creation! So Brahma and his girlfriend manifest creation only as a platform for making love. It describes the magnetic tension that holds all creation together, but it also describes the sexuality.

If There’s a God There’s a Plan

You know what that means? The creation has no purpose! But what’s the problem is, because from the god’s play all of a sudden we have a manifestation. And because it’s not chaos, it’s a manifestation, it’s gotta have a logic. That’s god. God is the logic in the manifestation. If there is a god, there’s a plan, because it’s not chaos. There’s a creator, there’s a creation. God has a plan. So if god has a plan, everything is under his creation.

You know what’s a cool thing to do sometime? Take a really good psychedelic or do Satkriya for 2,5 hours and walk out to the middle of the Mojave desert. Take your clothes off and sit there for 24 hours. I did it a lot. Both ways.

And the first thing you realize is there’s no extras in that desert. Everything is essential. There’s not one thing in this desert that moves without everything else moving too. And that’s the logic that creation is based on too. Everything is connected. Everything has a purpose in creation. There is no extras.

When a Human Being Feels They Don’t Have a Purpose That’s What Drives Them Insane

So when a human being feels they don’t have a purpose that’s what drives them insane. They don’t have a purpose because they don’t know the plan. And that’s what drives people crazy, ‚cause if you know the plan – you know your purpose – your life is fulfilled, it’s guaranteed. Every spiritual book guarantees that. If you know the purpose your life is fulfilled. That’s the big problem with everybody: you don’t know the plan.

(…)In order to find purpose you gotta step back and take a look on the cosmic perspective. Just like waterfalls of multani lava on this planet (editor’s note: see explanation in the video), what are we for? Because in that is your purpose. So you gotta ask yourself: Are we for making love? Or for eating? Or we produce so many intellectual thoughts, that’s why…

You 15 Billions Humans are the Only Creatures That Can Expand Your Consciousness

No! No, no no no no no! There’s one thing we do that dolphins don’t do. It’s that we can expand our consciousness. They can’t. You, all you 15 billions stinky humans are the only creatures in all of creation that can expand their consciousness! That’s what we do. That’s what fulfills our destiny as a human being: to expand our consciousness.

All you need to do is have a deep deep profound experience of infinity, you devote your life to it after that. If you experience the depths, the breath of god consciousness, you feel it all. You have fulfilled your destiny, that’s what it was all about. Know why? Because it was all a whim! It’s just for fun! (…)

In the End You’re Not Gonna Be Judged by How You Followed Other People’s Rules but How You Followed Your Rules

Dedicate your life to that principle! Dedicate your life to the principle that my only purpose is to expand my consciousness. Agree to that. It will change. Guaranteed. The most important thing you have to do every day is to expand your consciousness. It will change.

But you gotta offer the prayer first. For that process to work, you gotta offer the prayer. It’s the prayer I offered to start my journey. The prayer was:

I surrender all I have and all I am to be led into infinite consciousness.

But really mean it! Yeah, I give it all up if I get the message. And your journey will start. It starts automatically. Because you don’t know the first step you’re not just going to start chanting all the prayers every day, you’re expanding your consciousness, no, it’s gotta be integrated into your reality.

You have a Dharma, a Path to Infinite Consciousness

You have your path to infinite consciousness. That’s what’s called dharma. There’s a lot of dharma, there’s Sikh dharma, Hindu dharma – and they are all filled with rules. But in the end of your life you find that you’re not gonna be judged by how you followed other people’s rules but how you followed your own rules.

So everybody has a path, their dharma to infinite consciousness. A guru will come and say: Come on, follow my path, but it’s not your path. You got to find your own. And it’s very simple. I surrender it all to go to the next level. Do it! Do it on the way home and say: okay, I will! I’ll do it! And it’ll change. It all just happens.

My Teacher said: Go to India! Now!

I’ve had my life completely taken to zero twice after I made that prayer. My teacher said: Go to India! -Okay… When? For how long? -Now! As long as I say! And I gave it all up, my surfboards and everything and I had only two bags left. I still only have two bags.

That’s the game. That’s why people do yoga. It connects them to their purpose. Ain’t that cool? That’s why you’re here! (…)“