Happy Holi!


Since yesterday, India is even more colourful than usual. The festivities of Holi started – and ten thousands of people are hanging out on the streets for fun and games, bathing each other in bright neon colours. It’s a little bit like carnival.

The Story behind Holi

Traditionally, the Indian festival celebrates the victory of the good over the evil and the arrival of spring. There’s a beautiful story behind the ritual of colouring each other. As a baby, Lord Krishna has been poisoned by a demon, so his skin turned blue. Growing up, he worried that the girls wouldn’t like him because of his different skin colour. His mother suggested him to approach Radha, the girl he fancied, and colour her face any colour he liked. Well, that’s what he did, and the two became a couple. Thus, Holi is the festival of love – beyond colours and external differences. 

Holi in Goa

I remember in Goa people would throw colours pigments at each other for weeks during Holi. Maybe it seemed much longer than it really was. Riding your scooter down the street without getting bathed in colour pigments was nearly impossible in that time. Sometimes we were even chased down and colour-dipped. 


Holi in Germany

Obviously, some German travellers liked it more than me – and brought the festivals of colours into their home country. If you want to experience it yourself, check out the German Holi that takes part in different cities across Germany and will be in Berlin on July 25th.

festival of colours

Photo Credit: Jitendra Singh via Flickr, Festival Of Colours, own