No Mind 2015 {Festival Report}


No Mind Festival

I am longing back for the tranquilty of the Swedish countryside. I’ve been there this July for No Mind festival, Europe’s biggest spirituality festival.

Ängsbacka – a Spiritual Community

No Mind takes place at Ängsbacka, an alternative living community in the Southeast of Sweden – and this really lured me. I am very curious to learn more about alternative ways of living together. My boyfriend heard about Ängsbacka and No Mind this winter in Goa and so we went there to check it out.

A 30-40 minute ride away from Karlstad, Ängsbacka is situated in Molkom, a village in the middle of the beautiful Swedish countryside. Driving through the woods on your way to the festival you already get in touch with the deep peace and joy that being in nature brings about.

No Mind

Ängsbacka 10

Meltingpot of Spiritual Disciplines

Combining a colourful bouquet of all the different strands of spirituality – yoga, satsang, family constellations, dance, tantra, meditation, painting, singing, body work, breath work, even a sweat lodge – you basically find teachers and workshops from any spiritual field you can imagine.

Plus there are daily sharing groups and psychological counselors available in order to help you to integrate the new realizations or old traumas that might pop up during the intensive week.

Ängsbacka 14

Ängsbacka 3

A Place for Singles, Couples and Families

What I really liked about No Mind was that it integrates people of all ages and life situations. I came with my partner but I am sure also singles can have a fun time here and will make many new friends. Ängsbacka also is a family place and it was so nice to see all those happy kids playing in nature and having fun! The festival offers child care and many activities for children of all ages – sports, games, arts…

tove jessica frank

ängs kids

My Personal Journey

I felt very safe throughout the festival. There were situations that were challenging for me. For instance living in a tent during the at times surprisingly monsoon-like Swedish summer rain when everything started to feel kind of damp after a couple of days.

Sleeping on a stone-hard air mattress made my back hurt so much that I eventually avoided to go to bed until very late and thus during the last days I was more or less completely sleep deprived.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 10.53.19 AM

Ängsbacka 8

Moments of Challenge and Pure Magic

There were also these moments of pure magic. Without thinking about it I told my neighbor that I wanted to ask the festival organizers for a yoga mat to make my hard bed a little softer in order to finally get some sleep. Et voilà, by good luck he brought two spare ones that he kindly offered to borrow me. You have absolutely no idea how incredibly happy this made me at that particular moment!

This is only an example of the magic that I experienced during Ängsbacka. So many times I only had to think of something and it was provided almost immediately. This is an experience I otherwise only know from travelling in India…

During Mooji satsang my boyfriend publicly asked him a question that related to our relationship – unaware that I have been in the room as well and was listening to every word he uttered. The people around me were like angels to me. When they saw that I was shaking – of chilliness and insecurity – they wrapped me in their warm pullovers, hold my hands and warmed my heart with loving smiles and hugs.

Mooji Satsang 2

Mooji satsang

Personal Highlights

My personal highlights were the gong meditation kayak tour with Siri Yodha Singh to the island in the stunningly beautiful Molkom lake and Mirabei Ceiba’s live music kundalini yoga class.

Oh – and the food! I LOVED the food! The food was vegetarian, organic, very tasty and there were always also vegan and gluten free options available.

mirabei ceiba

Ängsbacka 6

What I Take With Me

But it wasn’t even so much about any specific workshop, for me it was more an overall journey. I identified an old trauma and fear – the fear of being abandoned by a loved one. And throughout the week during and external to the classes I was working on it. I laughed, cried, fought with my boyfriend, made up with him, felt closer to him.

At the end I understood myself, the habits of my mind in relationships as well as my partner and his own baggage better than before. I am a little less afraid and keep becoming less afraid every day.

Ängsbacka 9

Ängsbacka 13

Note of Gratitude

Thank you, Ängsbacka for this experience! Thank you myself for having the courage to do the work! Thank you T. my dear for your open mind and heart and that we can talk about everything and help each other to grow through good communication, tolerance and love!

Ängsbacka 7

Ängsbacka 15

Photo Credit: Ängsbacka